Company introduction of BOX N.V. – The Blue Ocean XLerator. From an innovative idea to a fully de-risked company.

BOX (Blue Ocean XLerator) is a private incubator/accelerator owned by entrepreneurs who invest in sustainable innovations that have it in them to make the world better. BOX is a new but proven way of accelerating: for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

BOX is managed by dr Bert Tournois (former director of ATO-DLO now FBR-WUR, serial entrepeneur since 1999), Rasit Gorgulu (Erasmus business and markering, former M&A Rabobank) and Rene Koster (Holland Food Ventures, former initiator and director of Restaurant of the future WUR) and Samir and Jalal Lahan (Lake Invest, Teeuwissen, bioiberica). In the investment team also Wouter de Heij (CEO TOP and Food4Innovations) and Herman Feil (CEO TDI) participate.

BOX offers a new way of incubating and accelerate: ‘ XLerating ‘. Faster to bigger and better. What we offer is the full engineering of startups to strong propositions and to companies that are in a frog-jump ready for large-scale success.

BOX combines solid scientific and technological expertise with entrepreneurship and years of experience in setting up and selling companies. Our track record of about 40 companies and the high success rate form the basis of good relationships with startups, investors and entrepreneurs. BOX is open for everyone with an eye for sustainability and impact.

Take a look at our introduction video.

BOX Company Introduction – English (with Dutch subs) – v4 from Wouter de Heij on Vimeo.

Our workflow is illustrated by the next picture. From idea to project, from project to company.