ISPT (19-11-20190) – What does circularity mean in the food industry (parallel session 3) – some thoughts, tasting and discussions in the Prodent-Factory?

On the 19th of November ISPT would like to welcome you to the annual ISPT Conference in the Prodent Fabriek. This event is a place for networking, but also for inspiring each other and getting up to speed on the latest projects and results.

This year’s theme is circularity, a booming term in both industry as well as the public debate. How can we implement the goal of a circular industry in the different sectors, such as Food, Paper, Steel, and Chemistry? 

Wouter de Heij will host the 3e parallel session titled: “What does circularity mean in the food industry”. Wouter will also provide a live blog in the next 10 days and during the 19th of November.